Lilow Auto Tech

CNC Cutting

CNC Cutting plays a pivotal roll in the manufacture of all Lilow products.

CNC Plasma – designed and built in house for Lilow’s specific needs.

CNC Flatbed Milling – for cutting aluminium, plastics, acrylics, wood, etc.




The Cutting Edge

Lilow Auto Tech now offer a purpose built Plasma cutting gantry setups with Plasma & Torch Height Control for a fraction of what the major manufactures want. All you have to do is build a base table to use it on. Or we can supply the complete setup.

CNC Flatbed milling

Automotive bracketry.

2, 2.5 & 3D signage.

Industrial Cutting in acrylics, plastics, wood, etc.

Marine fittings & components.

Any bracket / component that requires a high degree of accuracy.

Multiple cutting – 1 to 1000’s

A simple drawing DXF file is all that is required to get a job started.

If it can be drawn it can be cut.


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