Lilow Auto Tech

Front Suspension Systems

Coilover or Air Frontends.

Rack & Pinion Steering.

Aluminium Coilovers.

2" dropped Spindles.

Firestone bags.

1407mm track flanges.

(Lilow or P76 hubs)

Priced from $3900 Aus.(coilcover)

$4500 Aus.(air bag)

Some of these Frontends have covered 60,000ml. in 4 years


Billet Alloy Brake hubs & S/S grease caps.

Suit Magna discs 285mm or the larger 315mm discs.

From $900 Aus.

Old Style Steering Wheels
CNC cut from flat plate, Leather bound or Pearled.
Fits any 9 bolt adaptor. Priced from
$300 Aus.


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