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Reproduction Rails for 1932 to 1940 Fords

Lilow Chassis Rails are offered in more than 30 different styles.

Raised means the arch over differential has been lifted to allow for the extra clearance needed for the lower Hot Rods being built now days.

Offered in standard thru. to 4" raised.

Styles available :-

1932 ------ Std. or 2" raised.

1933 / 34 ------ Std., 2", 3", 4" raised.

1935 / 40 ------ Std., 2", 3", 4" raised.

Lilow also offers their HiBoy version. 32 front rails grafted to std. 33 / 34 body section with a 1" kick up over rear.

(suit coilover or Model A transverse rear spring )

"A" Hiboy builders also get the nod with our 32 / A version that comes in a std. or 2" kick up over diff.

These rails are 3 piece, CNC cut then Auto – TIG welded.

Lilow Auto Tech produces the largest selection of replacement chassis rails for the HotRod aftermarket industry anywhere in the world.

These rails have been designed using standard configurations along with dimensions supplied by both local & US based body builders.

The raised repro. rail was brought about by the need to bring a simple solution to the problem associated with the notching of the rail above the differential. With most hotrods being built lower now days, it is becoming a standard for rods being built today in Australia. It is a fact that it saves the costs associated with the modification to standard type rails.







Limeworks Speed Shop / California



With over 32 styles to choose from in 1932 to 1940 Ford range alone.

1940 / 41 Willys available.

Lilow also has the ability to shorten, stretch any combination of rail to suit the oddball chassis.

All Lilow rails are 3 piece CNC cut, tack welded in jigs then auto TIG welded.

Only quality 3mm bright form steel sheet is used.

These rails have been in production since 1993.

Repro. Rails start at $1023 + gst Aus. Depending on year and style.

Totally new innovation - Lilow now offers pre-tubbed rails for most styles produced. (call for details)

New product ---------- 32 original style "X" member to suit that old side valve motor / gearbox combination. Supplied with brake & clutch pedals, takes 200B booster (PBR) with original alloy spacer. This frame combination is designed to achieve the old style with out the forgetting the safety issue. It takes all the old gear like 32 wishbones, sidevavle motor & gearbox. It cannot be bettered for the old style look.

Boxing kits are also available. Start at $249.60 + gst Aus. Depending on year and style.

Original style 4mm pressed metal "X" member kits with brake pedal & booster mount available for 32 to 34 chassis. From $770 + gst Aus. (Booster mount accepts both Gemini & Datsun 200B brake boosters)

32 – 33 / 34 frames available from $3818.18 Aus. + gst if applicable. ( includes new rails, boxed and body plugged, "X" member with Brakepedal and Booster mount, front beam axle crossmember and rear coilover crossmember.

Dealer enquiries invited world wide. ( Quantities apply ) All shipping & handling at purchasers expense.


32 Ford repro rail styles available.

28 / 29 Hiboy. These rails are available with Lilow’s 2" raised rear .

30 / 31 body on stock plan dimensions of 32 frame.

Both the above rails allow the body to mount flat on top of frame.

32 standard. (fits tank)

32 / 2" raised rail. ( fits tank)

32 raised 25mm, pinched front with 2" raise on rear. – (fits tank)

32 raised 25mm pinched front with 2’ raise on rear. – bobbed.

32 std front with 3" raised rear, bobbed end of rail.

32 frames are available in all of the above rail combinations, please call for pricing.

Frames available with front & rear crossmembers, centre X member, Brake pedal, booster mounting, front & rear stainles steel spreader bars.

Call for more details.





Repro. Centre "X" members are now available for the fitment of original 32 gearbox mount. Has the original front wishbone locating socket. These crossmembers are now fitted with brake & clutch pedal as well as mounting for 200B boosters. Rear "K" member legs are included in setup for extra strength.

Rear transverse spring crossmembers are available for either the Model "A" spring or a straight shorter 32 spring, used in conjunction with 36 radius rods.






33/34 repro. Rails.

Available in std, 2", 3" raised rear sections.

Now available and totally designed by Lilow are the pre-tubbed rails.

This is a totally new innovative way of getting the race car look. While still maintaining a 3 piece rail.

Selections available are ---

Standard type rail, 2" raised rail, 3" raised rail.

Pre-tubbed rails available with 2", 3"and up to 4" tub.

Also available is a 33/34 Hiboy style rail with raised rear with a 32 frame rail graft on the front, from firewall forward.

This rail cleans up the look of the front of the 33/34 rail.

Uses model "A" style front crossmember.


35/40 repro. Rails.

These rails are available in std, 2", 3"raised over diff.

Also available are pre-tubbed rails. 30mm, 50mm & 75mm.

Frames are available in styles mentioned above.

Read Lilow’s product profile article, building 35/40 frame, Australian Street Rodding magazine, No 185 – November 2005.

Boxed rails are available for 1932 to 1940 Fords.

Price on application.


All Lilow designed products are covered by Copyright.



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